In this blog, we will give you a clear idea about “Product Types” in Osbisy store.It offers some interesting and useful tools for managing a product store. However, we have seen that many users become confused about using these features. Osbisy covers a vast range of product types, this is an untapped opportunity for many stores. Besides, we will give you some advice on how you can make your business more profitable by adding variations in your product store.


Simple Product

This is the most commonly uploaded product types in an Osbisy store. It is a stand-alone physical product that you need to ship to your customers. For example, it can be furniture or television set that you want to sell. Remember, the products must not vary in properties and other value additions for the customers. You just need to assign a price and define SKU as per your requirement.

Grouped Product

It refers to a collection or cluster of products the customers can buy separately. It consists of multiple simple products. Suppose you have a winter wear collection which includes several cloths and shoes. You can group it as “Stylish Winterwear Collection” and add all the items here. Your customers will be able to check the collection page as grouped product. Then if they want to view details, it will redirect them to the respective pages of simple products.

Variable Product

If you have different variations of a certain brand or product line, you should enlist it as Variable Product. Say for example, you want to sell a phone which comes in multiple options like color and memory size. So you can create a product by the name, and then add 8gb, 16gb, 32gb, blue, red what ever choices it can have. Each variation can have its own price as well. So you can set the price, code, color and other specifications according to your convenience!

Virtual Product

As the name suggests, virtual product are not tangible and it does not require to be shipped. Basically, virtual products can be any services delivered through digital channels. For example, if you want to provide article translation or animation services to your customers, you should set the product type as “virtual product”.

Downloadable Product

Downloadable product are basically premium contents that are sold as a downloadable file with an URL. These contents can be article, photo album, digital magazine, music and so on. Interestingly, Osbisy has kept the option available to ship downloadable products. As a store owner, this is an opportunity for you! You can offer a packaged version of the downloadable product as a DVD and bring in more money.

Subscription Product

Subscription products type offers two types of products, which are Simple and Variable Subscription types in Osbisy. It is applicable for any type of product that requires customers to pay according to common subscription model. For example, you can open up a club for Violin lessons. How do you monetize through it? You can offer restricted contents to the subscribers of this club, which in this case, is a “subscription product”. You can set a sign up fee for the customers which they will have to pay one time. Then you can add your desired subscription price for a specific time range. It can be per day, per week, per month or even per year.

External/Affiliate Product

You can create External/Affiliate products on Osbisy. That way you can create products and redirect them to your Affiliate sites.

While creating a product, you need to select the External/Affiliate product type from the dropdown menu.

Also, you need to add the link to your site in the URL section and define the button name.

In conclusion

Osbisy is the most complete eCommerce solution. With Osbisy, you can allow as a vendor to manage your store from the frontend.  Osbisy vendor have full liberty to create any kind of product with ease. It is very useful to looking for ways to grow their business by offering wide range of products!



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