Are you crafty or a dab hand at design? Turn your hobby into a money-making venture by setting up shop on Osbisy. Here’s how to start selling. 

Ever heard of Osbisy? It’s an online marketplace designed specifically for unique items.

This can be pretty much anything, from handbags, electronics, greeting cards and candles, to bath bombs, clothes and jewellery. As long as your items are handmade, vintage (meaning at least 20 years old) or craft supplies, you’re good to go.

If you’ve got the right product and use the insider tips below, you can start making money from Osbisy within days.

How much money can you make on Osbisy?

We’ll be honest here – how much money you could make entirely depends on how successful your shop becomes.

Some people make a steady side income of £20 – £30 a month, and others earn enough to quit their jobs and sell on Osbisy full time. So, is selling on Osbisy worth it?

It’s not likely you’ll become a millionaire from selling on Osbisy. However, if you follow a few simple rules, you could easily make a decent little side income while you study doing something you actually enjoy.

How to sell on Osbisy?

Here is how to start selling on Osbisy and making money:

1. Decide which products to sell

This is the hard part – but if you choose wisely, this could be the start of a whole new business. It doesn’t even need to be a physical item. Plenty of people are selling digital downloads on Osbisy or create imagery for people to use on their websites and social media.

If you’re really struggling for ideas of what to sell on Osbisy to make money, why not take a look at the site to see what others are doing? See this as an opportunity for inspiration, but make sure you don’t copy someone else’s idea!

If you’re really switched on, this is the best stage to create or order a prototype of your product. It will allow you to see what it will look like, make it easier to take product photos and also test out the build quality.

2. Choose a name and logo for your shop

Don’t think too hard about a name for your Osbisy  shop. It won’t have much of an impact on your sales. Even after your store has gone live, you can still change it up to five times. Think of something simple and snappy and try not to be too obscure or clever. Also, try googling your name to make sure it’s not clashing with anything else.

Once you’ve decided on a name, you can easily make yourself a custom logo using Canva. This online programme is a lot like Photoshop but much, much easier, and it’s free to use.

If you aren’t comfortable designing the logo yourself, you could use a site like Fiverr to hire someone to help you with it.

3. Create clear and attractive images of your items

This is even more important on Osbisy than it is on eBay and Amazon. Your product has (hopefully) never been seen before and a great photo can really make the difference here, even more than your shop name and logo.

If you’ve ordered or created a test product, this should be quite easy.

Take a look at what other stores with similar products are doing, choose the style you like the most and then work on making yours similar.


4. Save up some money

Unlike a lot of online selling sites, it isn’t 100% free to sell on Osbisy, as each listing costs zero.  We think that’s definitely enough to get you started.

While we recommend starting with a Standard account which is free, you may want to consider investing in an Osbisy Subscription Plan account for from £13.44 to £29.99 a month. This gives you access to more features like bonus advertising and shop customisation tools to help you stand out among other stores.

Osbisy is quite a competitive market so getting yourself seen at the start can be tough. However, if you’re not confident you would make the money back with profit after paying the monthly fees, stick to a free Standard account.

Make sure you’re charging enough to cover your costs and make a profit but don’t get greedy. It’s the internet, and if you’re overcharging, there will be someone else out there who will undercut you and take all of your business.

5. Create a postage plan

Research the most cost-effective way to pack and post your creations. It might be easiest to use the Post Office, but if your items are very big or heavy, a courier company might be a better option.

Make sure you know the cost before going ahead, too. There’s nothing worse than charging £2.99 for delivery and having to pay £4.99 yourself when it comes to it.

It’s important not to overcomplicate things when it comes to setting up your Osbisy store. The best thing you can do is just get started.

If you spend too long focusing on getting everything perfect, you might never end up launching your store. And once you have something up on the site, you can always make improvements!

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