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How to Set Up Your Shop Policies

To set up your shop policies:

  1. 1. On Osbisy.com, click the Your Account, then click Go to Vendor Dashboard
  2. 2. Click Settings. If you want set up Terms and Conditions, and scroll down, select Terms and Conditions section and then follow the step.
  3. 3. Click RMA . If you want set up Warranty Policy. 
  4. 4. Fill in the boxes.
  5. 5. Click Save Changes.

Your shop policies have several sections. Each section is a template and you can select the options that you want for your shop.

While your shop is on Holiday / Vacation Mode


Processing time: To give buyers a clear idea of how long it takes for you to prepare an order, you should include a processing time. Costs and processing times are shown on individual listing pages.

Estimated shipping times: You can Add estimated shipping time to let buyers know how long it will take an item to reach various destinations. Try to include an accurate range to take into account the slowest shipping time and fastest shipping time.

Payment options

This section shows buyers what payment methods you accept. If you’re enrolled in Stripe Payments, we’ll show buyers all the ways they can pay and highlight them as a secure payment methods, which helps inspire confidence in your shop.

If you’re not enrolled in Stripe Payments, you can choose which payment methods you accept on Osbisy.

Returns & exchanges

You can choose to accept Returns and Exchanges but you have to have Cleary states on your RMA (Warranty Policy)

I accept returns or exchanges

If you choose to accept either returns or exchanges, click RMA and type to add timeframes in which buyers need to Contact me within and Ship items back within.

You can outline types of items you don’t accept under The following items can’t be returned or exchanged. Check the box next to the types of items you don’t accept as returns or exchanges.

I don’t accept returns or exchanges

If you choose not to accept returns or exchanges, buyers may still file a case against you in certain circumstances. Learn more about how to resolve cases.

I’m based in the EU

If you’re based in the EU, there are consumer protection regulations that apply to you. Learn more about EU consumer rights. 

Privacy policy

Click Add privacy policy to share how and why you’ll use a buyer’s information. Learn more about how to write a privacy policy.

If you’re a seller based in the EU or offer items to buyers there, you’re required to create and comply with a privacy policy that satisfies the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Many other countries have also adopted data protection laws similar to the GDPR, so whether or not you sell to Europe, we recommend that all sellers create a privacy policy. Read Osbisy’s Privacy Policy for more information about your obligations when collecting and using a buyer’s information, including the requirement to obtain a buyer’s consent before using their information for marketing purposes.

If you need help understanding your obligations under the GDPR or any other data protection laws, consult with an attorney about local laws and how they apply to your shop. 

More information

Under your shop policies, you can add more information about your shop. You can include any additional information that you think buyers should know when purchasing from your shop. This section is not a part of your shop policies.

Frequently asked questions

If you notice that multiple buyers are asking the same questions that aren’t addressed in your policies, then you may want to list it as an FAQ. Some common FAQs include information about custom orders, item care, and sizing. If you offer insurance, you should include that information here.

In the event that you have a dispute with a buyer, Osbisy will look to your shop policies. Information listed in your FAQs is not considered to be part of your policies.

Seller details

This section lets you show specific information about yourself and your shop to shoppers who have set their location to a country in the European Union, such as your name and business address, and VAT number (when applicable). Osbisy will not use this information to contact you.

Learn more about VAT on Osbisy. For sellers in the EU, after they add their VAT ID, it will automatically display within Seller Details below your Shop Policies.

EU buyer protection laws require Osbisy to display VAT information. Only buyers who have set their location to an EU country will see this section.

Learn more about selling in the EU

What isn’t included in shop policies?

Copyright & Intellectual Property Information

Copyright, intellectual property, or other licensing information is likely specific to an item, not to a shop. You may choose to put this information in your FAQs.

Sales tax

Osbisy offers sellers a tax tool to help you calculate and display the appropriate tax rate to buyers at Checkout. There’s no need to list this information in your policies, especially because tax rates vary based on the location of the buyer.


When can I edit my shop policies?

You can edit your shop policies whenever you like. A time stamp will show the last time your policies have changed. When a buyer makes a purchase, they’ll see a copy of your shop policies as of the time of purchase in their receipt email.


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