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How to Effectively Communicate with Buyers

Communication is an important aspect of providing great customer service for buyers on Osbisy. Effective communication creates a connection with buyers and can encourage repeat business.  Here are some resources and steps to make sure you are successfully communicating with buyers:


Use Osbisy’s communication tools

Use your shop policies, messages to buyers, and saved snippets to keep buyers informed and to save you time.

Shop policies

Fill out your Shop policies with the information your buyers need to make an informed purchase. Regularly review and update your policies. If you have a dispute with a buyer, Osbisy will honor your stated shop policies, as long as they are in line with Osbisy’s policies.

Messages and notes to buyers

Acknowledge buyers and provide relevant order information with a Message to Buyers that’s included in their order confirmation email. 

You can also send a Note to Buyer when you mark their order as complete. This can be used to thank buyers for their purchase and include shipping estimates.

Saved Replies

Use Saved Replies to answer common questions or send standard information in your messages to buyers. Remember to fully read the buyer’s message before responding with a saved reply and edit the response when needed.

Communicate promptly

Responding to messages from Buyers in a timely manner ensures that your shoppers feel heard and supported, especially if they have a question. We recommend replying to shoppers within a few hours of receiving their message. Setting aside time to read and respond to messages from buyers each day can make this an easier task.

Vacation Mode

If you will be away from your shop for more than 24 hours, use Vacation Mode to set up an auto-response for your buyers. You can also include a vacation announcement to let your buyers know when you’ll be available again.


Be clear and professional

Keep your messages simple and focused. Too many details or unclear expectations can lead to confusion and miscommunication. Be sure to address the buyer’s specific questions and provide only relevant information.


Handling order issues or difficult customers

Sometimes an order won’t go as expected and it’s important to remain objective and professional. This also helps if you’re responding to a negative review

If you encounter an issue with an order, proactively contact the buyer to discuss the situation. Inform buyers as soon as possible if there may be a delay with their order and talk about the next step. Use this opportunity to confirm if the buyer can wait for the order or if you should refund them.

If a situation escalates, take some time before you write your response, since your communication is a reflection of your business. Reach out to Osbisy Support for guidance if you’re having trouble addressing a situation by clicking Contact support at the bottom of this page.


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