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How to Cancel a Sale

Osbisy sellers can cancel a sale. If you bought something on Osbisy and you want to cancel the order, you need to contact the seller.

How to cancel an order

First, check that your transaction meets the requirements in Osbisy’s cancellation policy.

If you’re unable to complete a transaction, we recommend that you notify the buyer over Osbisy Messages before canceling the transaction. 

When you cancel the transaction, the buyer will receive a full refund for their order.

Once you cancel, it will take effect immediately. The buyer may leave a review up to 48 hours after the cancellation.

To cancel an order:

  1. 1. Login to Osbisy.com, click the Your Account, then click Go to Vendor Dashboard
  2. 2. Click Orders.
  3. 3. Access the Cancel an order page, which can be done in two ways:
    • Desktop only: Click the three-dot icon next to the order you want to cancel. Then, click Cancel.
    • Desktop and mobile web: In the Order Detail overlay, click More actions. Then, click Cancel
  4. Select a reason for the cancellation from the dropdown. You’ll then be able to see the refund amount due to the buyer. 
  5. In the text box below the buyer’s refund total, you can write an optional message to your buyer.
  6. Click Cancel order.

If the buyer paid through Osbisy Payments, then you’re done! However, if the buyer paid through another method, like PayPal, you’ll need to refund them through that payment method.

Osbisy automatically credits you for the related listing and transaction fees. You won’t accrue any additional fees for canceling. Once the order is canceled, that transaction will be removed from the sales count on your shop homepage. 

Canceled orders appear in Orders under the Complete tab.

Canceling a sold-out item doesn’t put the item back in your shop, but you can quickly renew it.


How do I pay for a refund?

If you refund a buyer through your Shop Manager, your Osbisy transaction and processing fees for the refunded transactions are automatically refunded to your Payment account. If you don’t have enough funds in your Payment account, your credit card on file will be charged the remaining amount of the refund.

If the order you want to refund is still processing, you can’t refund or cancel yet. Most orders paid for with Osbisy Payments to process within 24 – 72 hours.


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