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How to Offer a Free Delivery

You can change your postage prices to 0.00 to offer free delivery on your items to buyers anywhere in the world. The simplest way to make free delivery work for your shop is to price your items to include the postage cost in the item list price. How you determine and set your prices is your decision. 

You can also choose to offer a free delivery guarantee to your buyers. A free delivery guarantee automatically applies free delivery for buyers to any individual items, eg. 45 GBP (depend your minimum amount you set to offer) and up and any order totalling 45 GBP or more from your shop.


How free delivery can work for your shop

Free delivery isn’t actually free for you, the seller. You still need to pay the delivery carrier to deliver your orders to buyers. By including postage costs in your item prices, buyers know what they need to pay for your items up-front, and you don’t lose money on orders with free delivery. Learn more about how it can benefit your business to offer free delivery.

Imagine that you sell a 45 GBP item, and you currently charge a 4 GBP flat rate to deliver it. One way to offer free delivery is to adjust the item price to £49 to recover your postage costs, and charging no separate delivery fee.

Current pricing
Pricing with free delivery
Item list price
45 GBP
49 GBP
Postage price
0 GBP (Free!)
Total price for the buyer
49 GBP
49 GBP

How to offer free delivery if you deliver internationally

To offer free delivery if you deliver internationally, here are some options to consider:

If you offer free delivery domestically, but not internationally

You can update your international postage costs to account for any postage prices that you included in your item prices. If you lower your postage prices for international delivery, your international customers don’t have to pay more than they did before you adjusted your item prices to recover your postage costs.

For example: You sell a 45 GBP item, and you currently charge a 4 GBP flat rate to deliver it domestically, and 12 GBP to deliver it internationally. You can change the item price to 57 GBP to recover the cost of delivery, and charge no delivery fee to deliver domestically, and 4 GBP flat rate to deliver internationally.


Current pricing
Pricing with free delivery
Item list price
45 GBP
49 GBP
International shipping price
12 GBP
Total price for an international buyer
57 GBP
57 GBP

To update your international postage prices:

  1. 1. On Osbisy.com, click the Your Account icon, then click Vendor Dashboard.
  2. 2. Click Settings.
  3. 3. Click Shipping.
  4. 4. Choose your region under Zone name you’d like to offer Free Delivery.  And then Hover over to select Edit.
  5. 5. Click Add Shipping Method, select Free Shipping, click Add Shipping Method to save.
  6. 6. Hove over Free Shipping, select Edit
  7. 7. Decrease the cost of delivery for international locations by that amount.
  8. 7. When you are done, click Save Settings.

If you offer free delivery to all buyers

You can choose to use the steps to include your postage costs in your listing prices, and account for international delivery when you reprice your items to recover postage costs. But how you determine and set your prices is ultimately your decision.


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