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Delivery Destination Settings

As a seller on Osbisy, you determine both your postage rates and destinations on each of your listings.

Some buyers only view items on Osbisy that deliver to their country. To make sure you appear in international searches, be sure to set rates for every country you feel comfortable delivering to.

Note: There are two methods of configuring your shipping for your products, which are Zone Wise Shipping and Regular Shipping below.  


How to Set Up Zone Wise Shipping

To manage your delivery to configure Zone wise shipping:

  1. Go to Vendor Dashboard > Setting > Shipping. Hover over the Zone name under Zone Name listing you’d like to edit or select Edit.
  2. In the Shipping Settings area, use the toggle to turn on or turn off under Zone Location limiting to Dispatch origin to choose the country where your item will be dispatching to.
  3. If you turned on, select Select Country. Once you choose the countries you’d like to deliver to.
    1. You can also set your postcode to limit your dispatch to specific area. 
    2. For example, if the cost to deliver within UK is lower than delivering within the EU, you can set a discounted cost for UK. The buyer will be charged the discounted cost instead of the postage cost for the EU.
  4. Click Add Shipping Method, fill in the postage costs per destination below Postage costs.
  5. When you’re done, click Save Changes.

How to Setup Regular Shipping

To manage your delivery to configure Regular Shipping:

  1. Step 1:  Go to Vendor Dashboard > Setting > Shipping.  
  2. Step 2: Click on the If you want to use the previous shipping system then Click Here  to set up for Regular Shipping.
  3. Step 3: Select Enable shipping functionality next to Enable Shipping.
  4. Step 4: Enter Your Shipping price:
    1. – Enter Default Shipping Price: This will be the base price and it will be the starting shipping price for each product.
    2. – Enter Per Product Additional Price: this will be if a customer buys more than one type product from your store, first product of every second type product will be charged with this price.
    3. – Enter Per Qty Additional Price:  this will be the every second product of same type will be charged with this price. 
  5. Step 5: Select your Processing Time, this will be the time required before the sending the product for delivery. 
  6. Step 6: Add or type your shipping policy & refund policy to fill out the form.
  7. Step 7: Select your Ships from, it is a location from where the products are shipped for delivery. Usually it is the same as your store.
  8. Step 8: Setting different country or Everywhere Else
    1. – If the shipping price is same except some countries/states, there is an option Everywhere Else, you can use that.
    2. – To use setting up for different country. Click Add Location, select Country and County/States you want deliver your products to with different price and follow the instruction.  
  9. Once you choose the countries you’d like to deliver to. Enter set your cost to specific area. 
  10. Finally, When you’re done, click Save Settings.

"Everywhere Else" delivery

“Everywhere Else” allows you to create a flat-rate price for delivery to everywhere in the world.  If your shipping price is the same everywhere in the world, we recommend you to use setting up a Regular Shipping method for your products.

  1. If it costs more or less to deliver to specific countries (like the country where you are located), then you can set that price individually. All countries that you don’t set up specifically will fall under “Everywhere Else”.

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