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Fees and Listing Multiple Quantities

To add a higher quantity when creating or editing a listing, scroll down to the quantity field below the item price. Make sure to Publish your changes.

You can also edit your quantity on existing listings:

  1. 1. Go to Go to Vendor Dashboard > Products and find the listing.
  2. 2. Click in stock or the price to edit. Your changes will save when you click out of the field. Please note that you can’t use the in-line price editor on listings with priced variations.

You can also edit your price and quantity when you’re in Quick Edit mode. Click the Quick Edit at the page. The in stock field will become editable. Enter the new quantity and click out of the field and click Update.

There is a subscription fee for creating a listing on Osbisy. There is no fee for editing a listing. 

  1. – If you decide to list a higher quantity than 1, you’ll only be charged for listing the multiple quantities when you sell them.
  2. – Your listing will automatically renew if someone buys a portion of your listing quantity, but some of the quantity is left over. You’ll be charged depending your subscription pack, and your listing will remain for sale in your shop.  
  3. – If you sell more than 1 item in an order, you’ve already been charged for listing that first item. We only charge you 10 to 12% + 0.40 for each for the extra quantity you sell.

Note: In general, it’s a good idea to list the true quantity of the number of items you have in stock when you create a listing. If you’re selling made-to-order items, make sure you only list the number of items you can feasibly create during your production time.

To illustrate how quantity and listing fees work, let’s say you sell T-shirt in your Osbisy shop:

1. What if I list only one T-shirt?

You’ll be charged by counting as a one of product type when listing your T-shirt. Listings expire after 12 months. Later, if you choose to increase your product listing, you can switch your plan of subscription pack – or you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription pack at any time.


What if I list a quantity of four T-shirt?

You’ll be charged by counting as a one of product type for the listing. If none of the four T-shirt sells and your listing expires, it will cost you only to renew your subscription pack the listing. You can also switch your plan of subscription pack whether to upgrade or downgrade your subscription pack at any time.


What if I list a quantity of seven T-shirt, and I sell all seven?

When you first list the T-shirt, you’ll be charged based on your subscription pack for the listing but it will decrease the number of product type that you can add on your store. When all the items sell, you’ll not be charged an additional cost for each additional quantity that was sold.

If you renew the listing with the same quantity of seven, you’ll not be charged. You will only be charged based on your product listing type. Every time you add a new product type will be counted and limited how many product type you can add more. 


How the fees appear on your Payment account

View your subscription pack by going to Go to Vendor Dashboard > Subscription

  1. The original Subscription fee appears as subscription pack, regardless of the quantity you list.  

Note: All subscribing fees originate in GBP. You can see the GBP cost for a fee in its description. Osbisy converts fees from GBP to your payment account currency at the market rate at the time the fee is reflected in your payment account.  This conversion may change if currency exchange rates change.


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