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Why Was My Credit Card Declined During Checkout?

There are several reasons why your credit card payment may not have been processed when checking out on Osbisy.

Check each of these issues below and how to solve them:
  1. Update the payment information for your order
  2. Authorise the transaction with your bank
  3. Check that you’re within your daily withdrawal limit
  4. Register your prepaid credit card
  5. Use a different payment method

If your card still isn’t approved after trying these steps, please contact your bank or credit card provider for further assistance.


I’m trying to pay with PayPal

Credit card payments can also be processed through PayPal. If you’re using PayPal, contact PayPal directly for more information, or select a different payment method (if available).


Update the payment information for your order

If you have any Osbisy account, you may have saved your information, and it may be out of date. Check:

  1. – Did your billing address change recently?
  2. – Did you get a new card with a new expiration date?
  3. – If you’re using your credit card for the first time, make sure you entered your card information correctly.

You can update your saved payment details:

  1. 1. On Osbisy.com, click the Login.
  2. 2. Click My Account.
  3. 3. Click Payments Methods.
  4. 4. Click Delete on the card you want to update.
  5. 5. Click Add Payment Method.
  6. 6. Enter your card number on the card you want to add.
  7. 7. When you’re done, click Add Payment Method.


Check that you’re within your daily withdrawal or purchase limit

Most banks have limits on how much money can be charged or accessed in a single day. If you reach this limit, your bank may block your account from any further activity regardless of available funds in the account.

Your bank may require you to request a higher purchase limit to complete the transaction.

If you’re purchasing from multiple shops at once, your debit or credit card will process it as one transaction. If your card isn’t approved, the entire transaction will fail. If you’ve reached your bank’s limit, you need to reduce the amount of your transaction. You can do this by moving some items to the saved for later section of your basket.


Register your prepaid credit card

If you’re using a prepaid credit card and register your personal information with the card issuer before checking out.

If you registered the card with the issuing company, you can then enter your card number, expiration date, CCV number, and billing address to complete checkout.

If you're in the EEA: Check your security authentication answer

If you’re in the EEA, which comprises the EU, and Norway, you may be asked to authenticate your payment when you place your order.

To authenticate a payment, you will need to respond to a prompt from your card issuer and provide additional information. Depending on your card issuer, this additional information may include a correct response to a question, a password, or a passcode.

If your answer is incorrect, you’ll either see an error at checkout or receive an email letting you know that your order couldn’t be completed. You can try to complete your order again, or try a different payment method.


Use a different payment method for your order

If you are unable to resolve the payment issue with your bank in a timely manner, we recommend trying a different credit card, or a different payment method.


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