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Agelgl Handmade

Agelgl Handmade

Vintage Ethiopian and Eritrean hand woven basket handmade in Ethiopia. It is perfect for decorating a house and a centrepiece…
This Cotton design tablecloth will elevate your dining table with a one of a kind pattern and colour.
Handmade Messob Basket- Ethiopian/Eritrean Exquisite Hand Woven Serving Basket.
Raggedy Ann Dolls

Raggedy Ann Dolls

Still in good condition has been on the self for years and has some stains on them not to bad…
This traditional Eritrean/Ethiopian woven server platter is hand made and comes in two designs; green pattern and green and red…
This Eritrean/Ethiopian traditional Woven Food storage can also be used as a serving or as a decoration in your kitchen…


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