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Why Did I Receive a Notice of Intellectual Property Infringement?

If you received a notice of intellectual property infringement, this means that an intellectual property owner (or an agent authorized by them) notified Osbisy that they believe certain seller content on Osbisy infringes their intellectual property. We complied with our Intellectual Property Policy by deactivating the identified listings.

Osbisy can’t speak on behalf of the intellectual property owner (or their authorized agent) regarding why your content was identified as infringing or how to resolve the issue.

Who can I contact for more information?

We encourage you to directly contact the party that provided the notice to Osbisy if you have questions about the infringement claim, why your content was identified as allegedly infringing, or how to resolve the issue. Their contact information is included in the email we sent when we removed the listing. You can also consider speaking to an attorney.

Read our Intellectual Property Policy for more information.

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