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I'm Having a Technical Problem with Selling on Osbisy

If you’re having a technical problem when selling on Osbisy, check these common issues:

My shop isn’t appearing in search and I can’t access my shop homepage

If you can’t access your public-facing shop, and your listings aren’t appearing in search, your shop may have been suspended from Osbisy. 

If your shop is suspended, you should receive an email from Osbisy’s Marketplace Integrity team. Search your email inbox for this email and respond to it if you have questions.


My shop Stats haven’t updated in a long time

Shop Stats update a few times a day, not in real time. Occasionally, Stats experiences extended delays and we’ll alert you when that happens with a banner in your Shop Manager.


Is Osbisy down?

When Osbisy experiences a major service interruption, we update our status page.


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